State of my Head #2

Something about the new city and new people.

This weekend was full of action and experiences. I've been to a bloggermeeting of my new city Friday night which was really funny and somehow inspiring. Most of all, it was the first possibility for me to meet new people besides my work (even though some of them belong to both categories). 
I'm usually rather quiet and more a listener than a talker when I meet new people, and I often feel uncomfortable when I join a round of friends where I do not know anyone. However, I had none of these feelings on Friday. It was just right to be there and hang with these guys. That's why I stayed so long and had a really good evening. 
Now this made me feel so much more integrated here and I enjoy this feeling. 

On saturday, I went to a street music festival with a friend and I loved it. A different friend, who lived here before, told me that there's always something going on in this city; and this is true. I just had the feeling that there should be more events like this where I come from, but then I realized that they are there; I just don't go there. This definitely has to change.

So, yes, I feel a change going on. I start to act a little differently, I am more active, more outside, more communicative. The new surrounding inspires me somehow. But this music festival also showed me that there is one very important thing missing: rock shows. I just started to feel how much I'm missing them again. 
Some things never change.

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