The DEVIL’s in the next room

It’s been awhile since Shinedown released some new music and when they did, it came in with a bang. Now they released the first single of the new album “ATTENTION! ATTENTION!” which will be released on 4th May 2018.

“DEVIL” is a hell of a rock song!

It came out together with the official music video which is really intense. Both are crazy, heavy, and very new to us Shinedown fans regarding to style. But new does mean more amazing here. The progress this band always makes with every single piece of music they create is fantastic. It’s inspiring. It’s breathtaking.

„DEVIL“ is very rhythmic. It’s heavy, a great rock song with crazy guitar riffs. Brent Smith puts all his power in his voice in this song. This is a piece of music that gets stuck in the head right away and won’t leave too soon. The words are somehow dark, but also powerful. The rhythm is catchy. It is a song even more powerful than “Cut the Cord” was, but with its very own dynamic and its very new Shinedown style. 

If you take a closer look at the lyrics of "Devil", it is promising an extraordinary album with an amazing concept. "It’s about to get heavy" is the first line of the chorus and at the same time it might also be the motto of “ATTENTION! ATTENTION!” Brent Smith also starts the song with the words “Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick up the phone!” – For me, he asks the fans to listen to the new song, to be ready to take this new album and love it. And in the end, why shouldn’t the record be the devil waiting in the next room?
But I’ve already talked to much about a piece of art that no words can ever properly describe. So I suggest you give it a listen:


2017 in a nutshell

2017 is gone and I'm not missing it much. However, not everything was bad or sad and here are my best photos to prove this.

January: I started the year with my best friend and sister by celebrating and letting go. This is minutes before going to a 90s party in Würzburg, a great night without sorrows and regret.

February: This is Holmes, only three weeks old. He and Thor pushed through cold and disease and still make me smile every day. 

März: Sharing love and fun moments with my two friends and roommates in Würzburg. We had a good time all in all.  

April: Zoo in Nürnberg. This was hours before falling in love with Shinedown in Frankfurt again, and this whole day was such a good break from all my inside troubles this year caused me. You know, a tiger ain't gonna lose its stripes.

Mai: Two of my most wonderful friends came over to visit us in Würzburg and we spent an amazing time together. These girls have all my love, I swear. The best people I know.

Juni: These are the beautiful sports girls from Würzburg, friends I found during my time there and that I miss much nowadays. We had a great summer spending our evening at the river. This was taken shortly after Svenja and I got our Würzburg tattoo together. 

Juli: The beautiful city London. I discovered it again with my best friend and broke free from everything at home. Even though we only had four days, these were so amazing and I would go and do it all over again forever.

August: My little brother, supermodel and rockstar, at home, spending some good days with me before my last return to Würzburg. Forever my best friend. 

September: A beautiful holiday with these beautiful girls. I always enjoy being with them because I feel loved and appreciated and not many people can cause this feeling in me lately. This was pure love and fun and I wish we could have stayed there forever.

October: Three of my beautiful bunnies. These little guys and girls make me happy all the time and I want them to feel well and to be comfortable forever. Bunnylove is so important!

November: This is Mercury, one of our cats. She came to us at the end of October aged ten weeks, accompanied by her brother Bowie. Both made our life way more chaotic, but also more awesome. She's such a beauty queen. 

December: Family portrait. These people make me strong. These people live with me and my feelings and sorrows and help me coping with them. This is my wonderful family, and I love them.


This is my "Wake Up Call"

It’s been almost three weeks now since the new Theory of a Deadman record Wake Up Call was released. After the first single “Rx” came out, I was convinced this album would be awesome. Turned out I was right. Eleven artistic and amazing songs made my life easier, inspired me, touched me.

I will only talk about some songs here because I don’t want to be repetitive.

The first one I want to point out is the first song of the record, “Straight Jacket”. I loved it from the very first moment because of the impressive lyrics and the so different style. It’s always great to listen to a band developing and not producing the same album over and over again, like Zach Myers of Shinedown always says. Theory of a Deadman definitely developed with this record, and “Straight Jacket” makes it easy to hear. It focuses on rhythm, has a lot of poetic, poetry slam like lyrics. You just have to jam along.

“Rx” is another outstanding song. Firstly, the topic is so important and it’s quite brave to talk about it in public and to feed the fans with this song, this topic before they know anything else about the album. The atmosphere in this musical piece of art reflects life and it helped me through times of trouble.

My favorite song of “Wake Up Call” at the moment is “G.O.A.T.”  a play on words I had to get first, but then I loved it. I like the way you can listen to it ironically as well as taking it seriously and still get the message I think it conveys: that we all work hard and none of us is perfect as we are all human beings, but still we try and have this dream about being more than human somehow.

One more song: “Loner”. This is the one song I’m most thankful for as it is so important for people to listen and understand this. I’m not sure if any of the and members would be defined a “loner” but it doesn’t matter as the song only says: it’s okay. Be whatever you want. You don’t have to live up to everything society expects, and we all should watch ourselves a little more closely, care a little more, listen a little more carefully. I feel like I’m in this exact position right now, in the process of understanding this and this song came to me just in time.

So that
’s just four of eleven great songs. I recommend: Buy the whole record, listen to it as a whole. It tells a story; about the band and the way these guys have come, but also about yourself. It is a very emotional record and you really should give it a try.

Here’s a song to start with: "Rx" by Theory of a Deadman


Sleep Heavenly

Animals inspire me. They are pure, natural and always honest in their own way. I am the one that doesn't care if a human being dies in a movie as long as you keep the animal alive.

Now that fall has come, many animals become more calm and rest and sleep much. And they look simply adorable, so I thought I'd share this with you.



12/12 - The End

"And then it was done. Over with. Never to happen again."
- Lover Unbound

One year Würzburg is over. I'm back in Dortmund writing this. Still it feels unreal.

What did I learn? That it is okay to feel upset sometimes. That I am more confident than I thought. That not all people are supposed to stay in your life. That I am the one who has to be satisfied with what I do and say, not others. That I love my hometown more than I thought. That my writing, my photography and other things I do at work are not that bad. I learned to cheer for a local handball team and develop loyality for them. I learned to let go on things that make me feel unhappy.
And so much more.

I think I changed much during this year. I developed, became more confident. I can handle certain situations better than before, but I also became more cynical. 

This year away gave me many wonderful people I already miss. It gave me Pia, my Rock'n'Roll Queen and girl crush number one. It gave me Kristian, who is such a good friend (if only he would be able to finally handle the situation). It gave me Caro and Natalie, my sportsgirls and wolves. It gave me Annabell, my crazy and creative bunny friend. It gave me Susi, Caro and Felix, most amazing interns I worked with and such cool persons. It gave me Brigitte and Davide, sweetest couple and awesome friends. It gave me Anna, nature lover and advice machine. It gave me Meike, most fun person to ever work with. It gave me Lena, as bitter and cynical as me but also such a funny girl. It gave me Ralf, a colleague to have a good time with. It gave me my roommate Anna even more, sharing the times we never had together before. Most of all, it gave me Svenja, best friend and sister, my shelter in the roaring storm, my anchor in the raging sea. 

Now that this is over, I try to get back to normal life. I try to regain the things I neglected, especially sports and creativity, writing and photography. This year away also made me feel closer to my friends at home as I learned how much I miss them when they are not around.

Would I do this again? Probably yes. It feels good to be back at home though. But this year is a part of me now, this city is something I called home, these people are part of my life. I'm not going to let them go.

And when it comes to these friends I had to leave, there's just this one thing Brent Smith always says: It's never goodbye - it's just 'till next time.


11/12 - Rollercoaster Ride

It's almost over. 

This became so clear to me it almost hurts physically. Three more weeks and this will be over. This whole year will just be done. But I feel like I can't leave before I finished some things. 

This last month, I took a pause from all of this and flew to London with Svenja. Being miles away helped to clear thoughts and mind. I can't say in words how beautiful this city is and I know it was a mistake to leave it and come back. But that's what we did because we had to. 

I spent one week here, being weird and somehow beautiful, and my mom was there to spend some time with me. We headed back home together for my birthday then. It was like waking up and realizing how amazing the people surrounding me are. It was good to see them, beautiful to talk to them, almost hurt to laugh with them. This is the point where I have to say it again: I love my family and friends. 

And then I went back here and things got even more weird. My brother came with me and again I had a beautiful night out with friends whom I'll miss so badly when I'll leave. 

Then one of my roommates left. It's so strange to see her now empty room and imagine she'd lived there only weeks ago. It's not the three of us anymore. It's not the same. And it reminded me so brutally of how short our time left here is. 

So how do I feel about it? I'm torn apart. I can't wait to get back with my family and friends, but I can't stand leaving those I met here. Especially some of them. I can't imagine not going to see handball games with Natalie and Caro every second weekend. I can't imagine not going out drinking with Pia anymore. I can't believe not trying to find a way to meet that one boy anymore. But all of this doesn't matter because that's just what will happen. 
And I can't imagine not falling apart because of that.


10/12 - Emotionally all over the place

I don't even remember June specifically now. I only know it's been a rollercoaster ride. It started with me flying high and got me to the edge of despair, pushed me over and I crashed so hard into reality, it felt like I broke every single bone in my body.

I had two wonderful friends here with me, made a new one I hope, and went on a ride to Lübeck to experience the saddest ending of a story ever. 

I got another tattoo, together with my sister from another mister, Svenja, and fell in love with my friends here and at home even more. I ran more than seven kilometers because I was so stupid to think this wouldn't be the worst idea of my life. 

This last month, I started to realize that I won't be here for long now. This thought is so scary, I don't really know how to deal with it. This fact plus some people in this city twisted and turned me and made me so happy and so sad in the exactly same moment. I fear they don't even know. And especially don't understand.

There's not much to say about this month. It was there, but it wasn't and I can't explain why it feels like this, but it does. 

A paradox. One of my last ones here.