So I tried something.

I randomly texted people I love and told them what I love most about them and that I am happy that they’re in my life. It wasn’t long and deep texts, just three or four sentences out of the blue. I did that in the evening so those who didn’t read it that late would wake up to something nice and positive.

What happened then was simply beautiful. 

All of those I texted were very thankful and happy about the small text. Most of them told me the message reached them in the right moment, when they needed something positive, some love. My heart was simply overflowing by all the love and gratitude everyone showed. It still makes me smile.

I think we don’t tell people how wonderful they are often enough and we rather criticize than compliment. We all should try to turn this around and just spread some love today. 

I put that as an idea in my Instagram story. The next day, I had another idea about how to spread love. Long story short, it turned into a one-week-plan to spread love and make people happy.

Day 1: Tell someone what you love most about them.
Day 2: Tell someone what you find most beautiful about their look.
Day 3: Tell someone what their biggest talent is.
Day 4: Send someone a picture of something that’ll make them smile.
Day 5: Remind someone of the favorite moment you shared with them.
Day 6: Encourage someone to follow your dreams.
Day 7: Don’t forget about yourself – tell the world something you like about yourself.

I gave this plan the hashtag #spreadlove. You can find it on my Instagram account (@danni.arndt). This is something we can do over and over again. Just give it a try and share this with the ones you love. Spread some love. You’ll feel amazing afterwards.


2018 in a nutshell

2018 was a roller coaster ride for me for sure. It had the best moments of my entire life and the most devastating experiences I could imagine so far. Here's the best of it.

January: The year started out with my best friends. We made a crime dinner which meant we had amazing food while trying to solve a murder case. But the murderer escaped. 

February: I'm still very proud of this picture of Mercury yawning. This month was full of cat snuggles.

March: A humpback whale in the Atlantic sea before Reykjavik, Iceland. This picture means a lot to me in many different senses. First of all, it reminds me of the first time I traveled Iceland - which became my favorite country. Also, we did this whale watching tour and were already on our way back to the harbor when we met this creature. I was never before so impressed in my whole life. Seeing this animal in its natural environment made me overly happy. And last but not least, I won a photo contest with this picture; the first time ever. 

April: 2018 was full of baby bunnies, but only three of them made it. This is Gregor in his fluffy phase. 

May: I made a spontaneous trip to Gdansk in May with Alina who I grew very close with last year. She made me travel places I'd never gone to without her.

June: This month was so full of ups and downs. I was at my lowest, going through so many inner struggles. And then this man came and picked me up. I still don't know how I deserved this and I'm sure I used all of my karma points that night, but Brent Smith pulled me out of my hole. And I hope I can do something like this for him one day. I am so grateful for this moment.

July: The unfinished Shinedown tattoo on my back. Now it looks different.

August: We finally made it. We finally went on a holiday without one of us missing. I love these girls so much and I couldn't imagine better friends. They are all special, they are all different, they are all amazing.

September: Traveled to another beautiful place with another wonderful person. Madrid, Spain is truly amazing - and so is this beauty here.

October: Meeting the amazing Josh Smith again made me smile. And the fact that he remembered my name after almost three years made me smile even bigger. Also, Joe Hottinger is such an amazing person and I really love everyone in Halestorm.

November: Choosing one favorite picture from November was just as hard as choosing one favorite moment. This one won because it was the first moment that was given to me by someone else. (Also, there is no picture of my favorite moment which was Brent and Zach playing "What A Shame" for me in Hamburg.)

December: 2018 ended in the most perfect way. I was in my favorite country with two of my favorite people and everything played out the way we had planned it. 

So, that was 2018. It was much better than the years before. It was much worse than the years before. But the good was stronger in the end. Thank you for everyone being in my life and making it better every day.


You make a difference

I’m a rather insecure person and I tend to criticize myself and my work a lot. But this past year I felt so much empowerment by so many people, especially during the last two months, that I actually switched from crying because I’m sad and I don’t believe in myself to crying because I am so grateful for the people who are in my life; who support me, encourage me, help me, love me.

I started to pass this on as much as possible. It was always natural for me to support my friends and to be there for them. But I wanted to get further with this. I started realizing that we don’t even know what it can mean to someone – someone we might not even know (very well) – to say something nice to them, make a compliment, do them a small favor.

We can all make a difference in someone else’s life. And we do make a difference.

It might just be someone driving a person to a therapist session so they can actually get there and get the help they need. It might be someone paying for someone else’s coffee and that other someone paying for the coffee of the next person. It might be someone leaving a comment on a social media platform that compliments someone else. It might be a short but nice text you get. It might be a letter or Christmas card from someone.

We tend to think that small things don’t matter, so we can as well not do them. But they do matter. Those small things actually make the difference one might need at that exact moment.

It’s so easy to make someone’s day. And it feels so good.

So, just go ahead and tell someone you love them today. Tell someone you’re thankful for them or for a certain thing they do or did. If you see someone on the street and think their hair is nice, tell them. Tell someone that you think of them. Post something encouraging on your social media.

Never forget that you make a difference. You made a difference for me. You are important. You are loved. And you are not alone.


Shinedown Roadtrip: Stockholm

Kilometers traveld: 8.844

Shows: 10/10

The last show. 

Our way to Stockholm was more difficult than expected as our train got cancelled and we had to improvise a bit. But we arrived anyway and checked in to our hostel which had some cringy people for us again. I'll never go to a hostel in Scandinavia again. 

It took us a really long walk to get to the venue and before we entered we had a coffee and tried to calm down a little. We were both very emotional and didn't feel too good. 

We went to the meet and greet again and it felt so good and so wrong at the same time, knowing this would be the last time meeting them for quite some time. Stef and I had prepared something for the band. We made them a book for which we asked several fans we had met due to Shinedown to answer some questions about them and send us pictures of them and the band. Thank you again Stine, Sissel, Lara, Michael, John, Rebecca, Rike, Dana, Rita and Gabrielle for being part of this. We love all of you and this roadtrip wouldn't have been the same without you.  

Photo: Sanjay Parikh

The show was super emotional. I can't ven really think back to it. All I know is it was beautiful.

When we said goodbye afterwards, the whole crew was just so amazingly kind and nice and lovely. Thank you for all the love you gave us. Really. 

I said everything else. You can check it out in my recap of this whole roadtrip.

Now I'm back home. And I wonder how this was my life. How this is my life. I am so thankful. And I miss all these people so much. But it's never goodbye - it's just till next time.