Shinedown Roadtrip: Manchester

Kilometers traveled: 2.680

Shows: 1/10

The last Shinedown show I've been to was in June, only four months ago. Still it felt like years. But now the Shinedown Roadtrip is really on and it couldn't have started in any better way.

I first traveled to Hamburg to meet my dear friend and Shinedown-travel-partner Stef, then we headed to Manchester for the first show on this run for us. The concert happened to be on Halloween, so we were super excited for what might happen then.

First of all, Manchester is such a beautiful city. I had never been there before and I really loved it. It has some beautiful architecture and many small and lovely cafés and restaurants. 

The venue for the Shinedown show was the Manchester Academy. We were there quite early, but soon enough other Shinedown fans arrived. 

For our first show we bought a meet and greet with the band - before the show. I had never been to such an official Shinedown meet and greet before and wasn't quite sure what I should expect. Well, it was amazing. The band took their time to talk to everyone, sign whatever the people had brought and just appreciate every single fan that came there. It was good to talk to them again (even though, for a second, I feared Brent wouldn't recognize me - but fortunately he did, on which he commented "oh shit" and then hugged me). Then they took photos with everyone and if people had more or less crazy ideas for their picture (for example that everyone should sit down) Barry, Brent, Eric and Zach just did it. So, yes, the meet and greet is expensive, but I think it was worth the money. 

And the show was fantastic.

I know I'm not objective when it comes to this, but I think you could ask whoever you want and they would all say the same thing: Shinedown live is simply perfect. 

photo: Matt Healy
The guys entered the stage full of energy and started with three heavier songs. Still, Brent Smith took his time to get down from stage and greet some of the fans there. And even if they slow down a little and put on a ballad, Shinedown never give less than 120 %. 

As it was Manchester, Stef and I had hoped to hear the Oasis cover which then really happened: Zach Myers sang "Don't look back in Anger" with the crowd. And it was fantastic. This song is really important to me because it helped me through the year I was away from home. My best friend and I even got the lyrics tattoed. And funny enough, I only started to listen to this song due to Zach playing it in Hamburg and Nijmegen 2016. Also, the Halloween spirit came across when Barry Kerch walked on stage with a goat mask on during "Simple Man". So this show had it all: emotions, fun, energy, power and so much talent all in one band. 

Halloween after the show.

For me personally, this first show of this Roadtrip was just everything I needed. It was so good to see all these wonderful people again: Stef, the Shinedown crew, especially Matt & John, and of course Zach, Eric, Brent and Barry. If I could I would be around them more often as they are all so very kind, funny; just good people. 

Now London's next. I'm really looking forward to that. And it has only just begun.

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